Cam Oshiro grew up in a gold mining town in the wilderness of British Columbia, Canada.  His father is a hard rock miner and his mother is an Asian artisan and herbalist. They followed the gold rush to this remote community and found a home for themselves and Cam.  Cam grew up hunting, fishing and running his trap line in the winter.  At school, when he attended, the other children said Cam’s best friend was silence, and his playground started a mile out of town.  As a child he moved freely among the Grizzly bears while they gorged on salmon in the river.  He howled with the wolf packs to the harvest moon, and he preferred a mossy bed on the ground to a mattress with a feather quilt.

It was not a surprise that Cam became a paid hunter controlling Polar bears for Arctic oil companies, protecting mining projects from the beasts of Africa, and guiding tourists on eco adventures.  His bush skills made anyone with him feel safe and confident.   As time went on Cam became unsettled with his role in life as he saw that what he respected about the earth and its inhabitants were being forgotten.  He decided to right these wrongs.  Without knowing it Cam became an ECO WARRIOR protecting the earth.  He is doing this the only way he knows, by hunting those who disrespect the planet.


Raven is a First Nations women who grew up in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia.  Her community is on a remote island with abundant wildlife and pristine ocean waters.  The raven in native culture is symbolic of metamorphosis and symbolizes change and transformation.  Raven’s family is part of a traditional nation having a long and colorful heritage.

Her curiosity for the world enabled her to study both her family and nation’s history and to earn a degree in biology.  With that knowledge she now works as a Conservation Officer protecting both the island and her culture.

Raven’s story and her connection to Cam Oshiro unfolds as the two combine to protect and respect the earth.


CEO of Earth Conservation Organization (ECO), Robyn is a wealthy and influential scientist spearheading a movement for all businesses to commit to operating in a green and sustainable way.  She is the author of “Profits Last Longer in a Sustainable World”.


Jones is an all-American outdoors man hired by Big Crude Oil Inc. to handle any and all situations.  Jones played football in college in order to earn his degree.  Jones didn’t get a pro football contract, so he joined the military and became a Navy Seal.  Jones is now a mercenary.  Hitman for hire.  Jones has skills.


Barkley is a bush guy who was abandoned at the age of 12 and survived in the wildness by working in logging camps.  His jovial demeanor is like the sheath that hides his bowie knife.  Barkley is as hard and as sharp as his blade.  He is a survivor with attitude and skills.  Barkley is a piece of work.


A respected Elder of the First Nations community on the island.


Self-made, successful and wealthy oil company owner.  He worked as a rig hand for an oil company until he was fired for fighting on the job.  He then became an MMA fighter with enough success to stake an oil drilling claim for himself.  He struck oil and the rest is history. He is a ruthless man without a conscience.


CEO of a third-generation logging company.  The company is his family and it has always been operated the same way, but is it time for change?