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I have worn several hats in my life, including rancher, banker, mediator, and now for the third time I have donned the hat of a story teller, through the medium of a comic.  My first comic strip was a weekly comic written during agricultural college.  The “Cosmic Cowboy and Oly Ork” was the story of college roommates with very different pasts and how they navigated life at college.  My second venture was a daily digital single panel cartoon called “Witty and Wise”.  Through this cartoon I met and worked with Cristian Aluas.  I was extremely fortunate.  My collaboration with Cristian has now facilitated my passion for story telling in this new graphic novel “Camouflage”.  Camouflage features a Canadian Super Hero who is fighting to restore respect for the earth.  It has been a pleasure to complete the comic and develop a great friendship with Cristian. 

The story of Camouflage was inspired partially by my life experiences and partially by my son and daughter.  Josh loves the bush and is an avid hunter and fisherman.  Genny is a bibliophile (she loves books) and she is an aspiring writer.

The project took just over one year and my wonderful wife Jacqui has supported it from the start, as an unwavering fan and the first run editor.   Thank you, Jacqui. 

I hope that you as a reader will enjoy the story and be captivated by the depth of the art work.  If the message of respect for the earth and its inhabitants resonates with you, please send your comments.

Cristian S. Aluas

Cristian S. Aluas is a professional artist, writer, and filmmaker. He was born in Romania and grew up in Canada from the age of eight. His college training was in Animation and his university major was Creative Writing with a minor in Studio Art and Art History. While in Canada, Cristian ran a successful art school which is still online. He also had a handful of fine art exhibits. His original work can be found in the Library Archives of the Gallery of Canada, in the Billy Ireland Cartoon Museum, and in private collections. His backup story from the first “Big Boss” graphic novel has been adapted into a short live-action film. He currently lives in Manhattan and enjoys creative pursuits, physical activities, and travel.

More at his website: www.CSA1.ca

Edgar Arce

Edgar Arce is a graphic designer, illustrator and colorist. He has worked in comics with writers such as Robin Wood, Jim Clark, J.D. Matonti, and has colored books for Marvel Comics, Panini, Blue Water, Dark Horse and others. Edgar has painted for various publishers in the United States, Italy and Portugal. His other projects include the webcomic Ace Hoyle and some experiments that never saw the sun. Edgar has worked as a graphic designer at several newspapers and ad agencies in Paraguay, where he currently resides.

His portfolio can be seen at be.net/edgararce and www.linkedin.com/in/edgararce

Genny Stevenson

Genny Stevenson is a recent graduate from Simon Fraser University and an aspiring writer. Her interests revolve around identity politics and environmental activism, both of which she tries to include in her work. Camo Issue #3 is her first published work which was a joy to produce with such a talented team of creatives. Genny currently resides in Vancouver and is working on her first novel.